Hummer H3 ’06

9398 - Hummer H3 - 0 9398 - Hummer H3 - 2

This was my entry to the lego technic competition: “You Design it, We Make it”. Thanks for all of the people who voted for my project.

The trunk has a hole where it is suposed to put the spare wheel.

Hummer H3 - 6 Hummer H3 - 1 Hummer H3 - 2 Hummer H3 - 3 Hummer H3 - 4 Hummer H3 - 5 Hummer H3 - 7 Hummer H3 - 8 Hummer H3 - 11 Hummer H3 - 12 Hummer H3 - 13 Hummer H3 - 14

If you want, I can give you the instructions for it.

Feel free to ask anything.

I hope you like it!


3 thoughts on “Hummer H3 ’06

  1. Hello sir. It’s nice to know you.. your website is very good.. you are a very good lego’s builder.
    I wonder may i have the instruction for the hummer h3 ??
    How many parts used to build it??? Thank you for your kind answer.

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